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The Red-Breast European Robin is the MOST Orbular Borb on Earth.

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My drawing of the Irish Robin.
My drawing of the European Robin, courtesy of @Birdielady on Tiktok

#duet with @BirdieLady #robin Have you ever seen the most borbular borb in the world? Well now you have!! I love the #irishrobin 🏷️ #round #birdsoftiktok #birdwatching #speedpaint #timelapse #art #digitalart #calming #birds #cute #kawaii #handfeedingbird #robin

♬ original sound – BirdieLady
Based on @birdielady‘s adorable little Robin!

The Irish Robin, AKA the European Robin, as the most Orbular Borb.

🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 8/8 on the Orb Scale!

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@BirdieLady on Tiktok posted this amazing video of the MOST orbular borb around. If anything, I might have to say that this is the most orbular borb in the World.

She is exceedingly kind to the little animal, and has an entire Tiktok series based around her encounters with the little orb.

Take a look at those pure, innocent eyes, and tell me that you could resist drawing such a creature. Especially as a Borb artist. You can’t!

What is the European Robin?

The European Robin, not to be confused with the American Robin, is a small insectivorous robin found throughout Europe and as far as Siberia to the East, and North Africa to the South.

In Great Britain and Ireland, it can be called the “Robin Redbreast,” or simply as the “Robin.”

In Conclusion…

On a scale from Bird to Orb, we HAVE to admit that this is an absolutely ORBULAR BORB.

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