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Mango Borb

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This Easter, Mango comes with a surprise egg! Filled with an assortment of stickers, magnets, and candy. Mango Borb is a Luxuriously Soft, Sensory-Friendly Stuffed Animal. 7″ tall stuffed animal. 



Who is Mango Borb?

  • Mango Borb is designed by autism communities to ensure a sensory-friendly experience.
  • Luxuriously soft fur, and bouncy fidget-friendly shape.
  • Ergonomic shape that nestles into hugs.
  • Buy her for life! We will accept any returned Mangos and have our magical conure cure her of any ailments for you.
  • Created by and for stuffed animal lovers. We put utmost care into making sure that she is as loveable as possible! See what you’re helping us work on as the moderators of r/stuffedanimals and r/plushies here

Product Description

    Adopt Your Very Own Mango Budgie Stuffed Animal – a sensory-friendly companion specially designed by the organizer of Reddit’s r/Plushies, with the help of autism communities, to be as welcoming as possible! Crafted with premium, ultra-soft materials, Mango isn’t just a plush; she’s a huggable friend ready to brighten your day. Mango’s vibrant colors and irresistibly soft texture make her a delightful addition to any collection.
    We at Friends Collection avoid hard felt bits that can scratch stuffed animal collectors in their sleep. And we avoid hard bead eyes that can fall off and get scratched up. Instead, her sensory-friendly design ensures a gentle touch, ideal for individuals with sensory sensitivities, offering a soothing and calming experience. Perfectly sized for versatile use! Mango is great for playtime, travel, or as a comforting presence during quiet moments. With meticulous attention to detail and hypoallergenic materials, she guarantees safe and worry-free enjoyment for all. Whether as a gift for budgie enthusiasts, a cozy addition to a bedroom shelf, or a charming car companion, Mango Budgie promises to bring smiles, warmth, and comfort to every hug. Experience the joy of Mango – the super soft, sensory-friendly budgie stuffed animal that’s ready to become your new cuddly companion.


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