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Day of the Dead Borb!

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Now that Halloween is coming to an end (much to our dismay,) a friend of mine wanted to lift our spirits by suggesting I make a “Dia de Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) Borb. So lets celebrate day of the dead with a beautiful bird like no other… the Hummingborb!

The Complex songs of a male hummingbird (wedge-tailed sabrewing)

Dia De Los Muertos Hummingbird bOrb!
The Hummingbird Hummingborb

The Hummingbird (Hummingborb)!

🔵🔵🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 2/8 on the Orb Scale! (Very Polite Good Bird)

“Hummingbirds have been admired not only for their beauty and elegance, but also for their exceptionally small size, their speed, their lightness and their ferocity when facing bigger birds (including raptors) to defend their territory and nests. All these characteristics have inspired both pre-Columbian and modern Mexicans to ascribe to the hummingbird, and value in themselves, attributes such as authenticity, braveness, intrepidness, skill, readiness and strength of will. “

Vanessa Hernandez Urraca, MVZ. Hons. MS

This crazy little bird evolved to fill a niche that is so far removed from her dinosaur ancestors, that I can’t help but feel astounded by the sheer insanity of nature!

But I digress. The reason why I bring up hummingbirds today is because of their relation to Mexican culture, especially on Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead.)

Why the Humming borb might be a perfect symbol for Day of the Dead…

Hummingbirds are seen as a symbol of strength. Diminutive birds that can still hover like insects, through the sheer speed of their wings. Their falling feathers are seen as the soul of a warrior. And they can be thought of as messengers from heaven.

“When you see one near you, it’s a loved one who has passed on, sending you a message or positive intention.”
beaded hummingbirds that inspired the hummingbird borb drawing

It’s no wonder that hummingbirds made out of beads are a common sight around this time of year. And if you’re like me and don’t yet have your own beaded hummingbird, I implore you to check them out on Etsy!

Or, if you do know a lot about these birds, I would love to learn more! Please feel free to post in the comments, and I will be reading them as soon as possible (in between my sending Mango Borbs!)